Trekking Equipment Check List

The following checklist will help you to figure out what you should bring for this trip. As a general rule, you should always try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum. The packed weight of your trek bag while trekking should be no more than 15 kgs. For all flights to STOL airstrips in Nepal, the maximum allowance for hold baggage AND hand baggage combined, is 15 kg. It is essential you keep the total weight of your baggage within this limit.

Paying for transportation of excess baggage is not normally an option on these flights. It is possible to leave clothes or other items not required on trek at the group hotel. Please include the following items for your pack:


• Wool or fleece hat, or balaclava
• Hat or cap for sun protection while trekking
• Sunglasses or goggles
• Sunscreen lotion and lip balm
• Warm gloves
• Strong rucksack, or large hold all to be carried

Body Wear

• Selection of T-shirts, and long sleeved shirts, Preferably not cotton
• Thermal shirt for colder areas
• Warm shirt, possibly fleece, for colder areas
• Fleece jacket or warm wool jumper
• Windproof, waterproof outer shell garment for Higher altitudes
• Down jacket (optional for cold nights & mornings; can be hired in Kathmandu cheaply)

Leg wear

• Loose, casual trousers for trekking
• Thermal leggings for colder areas
• Long skirt for women as an alternative to trousers
• Waterproof trousers


• Walking boots with suitable ankle support that have been worn-in prior to the trek, and which are waterproof
• Trainer or casual shoes, for trekking and/or for traveling
• Warm socks for colder areas
• Gaiters, in case of rain or snow

Other items

• Day sack to be carried personally
• Plastic bags or stuff sacks to store/separate trekking gear
• One liter water bottle
• Personal first aid kit to include essential items
• Sleeping bag, 4 season
• Torch, ideally head torch
• Camera and its batteries! – for those not to be forgotten shots of the Himalaya
• Toilet items and towel
• Large handkerchief/bandana for neck

Optional items

• Binoculars
• Books (see Recommended Reading)
• Altimeter
• Compass
• Playing cards / backgammon / chess set

Personal Medicines and First Aid Kits

We recommend you to bring your personal first aid kit as well.

• Extra Strength Excedrin for altitude related headaches
• Ibuprofen for general aches and pains
• Immodium or Pepto bismol capsules for upset stomach or diarrhea
• Diamox (commonly prescribed as Acetazolamide) 125 or 250mg tablets for altitude sickness. Please discuss with us before starting to take this medicine
• 1 small personal sized first-aid kit with blister treatments such as mole skin, band-aids, some waterproof tape, anti-infection ointments etc.